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Bakandamiya Hikaya app now available on Play Store

Bakandamiya Hikaya App

The Bakandamiya Team has good news for you this New Year, 2023! Our Bakandamiya Hikaya app is now available on Play Store for download. It is our second in-house app after Bakandamiya Vitals developed from scratch to finish by our ingenious team of developers.

We’d like to thank our loyal subscribers for their patronage. You are the reason we are here to domesticate technology in our local community for the benefit of all.

Our writers, you are our heroes! It is a great privilege to be with you on this journey of inspiring, educating and learning. May your ink never cease.

So, for this new year, we promise you even bring you more inspiring stories from our great writers.

Download the app here to start reading.

We look forward to your feedback and reviews to help us further improve the app.

Have a prosperous 2023!


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